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Kidney Pain

Kidney pain may be experienced for several reasons.  The most common cause of severe kidney pain however, is kidney stones. 

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Reasons For Kidney Pain

Alcohol or toxic assault - Demand on the kidneys may increase dramatically after consumption of or exposure to water soluble toxins and or alcohol. 

Kidney pain after drinking alcohol

Alcohol induced kidney pain is a clear sign that your kidneys are not coping.  Alcohol actually dehydrates the body and your kidneys have to work over-time to keep vital blood parameters within tight limits.  Drinking plenty of water is important, and this is why you will see bottles of water as well as bottles of wine on the table in continental Europe, where wine drinking starts at a young age and is part of family life.

The water additive PlatoH20 has been shown to increase cellular hydration, and drinking this beneficial water may help improve your hydration levels prior to drinking alcohol.

Alcohol drinking may also exacerbate kidney stones, so kidney cleansing and dissolving your unknown kidney stones may also prove to be a very helpful strategy for many.

Anyone who experiences kidney pain after drinking should consider kidney cleansing and herbal formulas.  The simplest approach, which is not as comprehensive as the 5 Day Kidney Detox or the Kidney Cleanse further down the page, is to take a ready prepared kidney formula called KidneyPlex.
One reason why hangover treatments work is because alcohol consumption may lead to excess acidity which the body may struggle to alkalise and the kidneys may not easily excrete.  Recent research shows that 'Baking Soda ' otherwise known as sodium bicarbonate (available here), may help buffer this acidity and slow the progression of kidney disease.

 baking soda smll.jpg
 Baking Soda

A blow to one or both kidneys -

This may cause swelling and tenderness, and while it generally resolves well on its own, homeopathic Arnica and arnica cream rubbed into the lower back may help resolve the trauma.  If the blow is very severe, some rupture is possible, leading to possible complications, for which medical advice will be needed.  As a general rule, drinking only good clean water and light organic food is the best method of lessening the work the kidneys must do while recovering.

Dehydration - Kidney pain or tenderness may be a sign of dehydration.  The kidneys must both filter out excessive salts and toxins from the blood AND maintain sufficient fluid in the body.  If dehydrated, salts and toxins are concentrated and kidneys must work harder.  Again the first step is to increase good clean water consumption.  Recent findings show that potassium rich solution, combined with a little sucrose, goat milk or other milk and sodium bicarbonate, may dramatically increase intra-cellular hydration and as reported by Dr Klinghardt, at his 2009 London Autism Seminar, may lead to substantial recovery of the kidneys and kidney function.

 electrolyte smll.jpg
 Electrolyte (Potassium Solution)

Kidney Stones - This is the most common cause of sudden kidney pain and is often characterised by a stabbing pain in kidney tissue, most often experienced in one side of the back or flank.  If you are experiencing pain around the kidney area, even if it is more of a dull ache, you should consider the likelihood that you may have kidney stones.  While sharp kidney pains are what people talk about in relation to stones, many develop over time without any pain at all.


Resolving Kidney Pain With Water

The keys to resolving kidney pain may be found in the successful dissolving and passing of stones, a reduction or elimination of alcohol consumption, and increased consumption of good quality water.  It is important to understand that tap water throughout Europe is of variable quality.  City and town water is generally full of chlorine, traces of heavy metals and in many cases fluoride.  Bottled water contains high levels of pthalates which mimic estrogens and glass bottled water contains solvents used in recycling and bottling processes.  For this reason we offer the highest quality water filtration systems as the best solution to taking the stress off the kidneys.

 Water Filter Systems


Kidney Pain Solutions With Herbs

Over centuries, herbalists have identified the plants most beneficial to kidney health.  While resolving kidney stones may be a pre-requisite for many, kidney cleansing is highly recommended for all kidney pain sufferers twice a year.  Our kidney teas and cleanses have been perfected over the years and may help reduce the chances of developing chronic kidney disease.

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 Kidney Cleanse 2

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