Bigesta Health System

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The Revolutionary New German Health Technology that may change your life in 6 minutes a day!

  • Increase blood flow, oxygen & nutrition to every organ in your body
  • Improve joint mobility & lessen pain
  • Effortlessly exercise the pelvic floor
  • Release tension while toning muscle
  • Switch on hormone and immune functions

Bigesta Health System

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‘Bigesta’ offers a compact, stress-free, non-traumatising exercise solution from Germany.  Its therapeutic frequency, concentric vibration and your relaxed posture combine to create a natural movement in the joints, equivalent to a deep massage.

Freed-up frozen joints, increased range of motion, greater fluidity and comfort in movement and relaxation of muscles surrounding the joints, combine to break the vicious pain cycle.

We want you to experience more:
•    Vitality
•    Stamina
•    Healing
•    Wellbeing

It only dawns on us, just how important these things are, once we lose them. Don't let this happen to you.  Get the Bigesta experience and feel the difference for yourself.

So what is harming us?

Stress, overexertion, incorrect lifting, inadequate exercise, sedentary life style, habits, addictions and more all damage our health and impact on our musculoskeletal system. 

Healthy living means using the whole body in the way it was designed.
Just one or two generations ago people walked and moved a great deal more than today simply out of necessity.  This maintained their natural connection with nature and and ensured they exercised how they were designed to.  This natural balance of weight bearing exercise and relaxation, or activity and recovery remains a key principle of health and well-being.  Sadly we are deviating away from this successful strategy, even though movement has such a fundamental roll to play in human health.  Many people today are simply inactive, leading to inevitable health concerns.

What can help us?

BIGESTA is a German acronym, which translates to: ‘Bio-mechanical Activation of Joints and Metabolism’ and is at the pinnacle of vibrational medicine technologies.

What does Bigesta offer?
Bigesta naturally delivers more movement in the joints without pharmaceuticals or electrical stimulation of the tissues. It provides:
•    Movement in the joints
•    Better Muscle coordination
•    Protection against Osteoporosis
•    Improved fitness levels
•    Improved concentration
•    Improved vitality and energy levels
•    Increased therapeutic results
•    Huge time savings
And all of this without any effort, because it does all the work.

What distinguishes Bigesta from other technologies?
There are many different ways of creating bodily movement.  Bigesta works with a regulated motor designed to produce high output even at low speed.  This will introduce a great deal of movement into the joints which is why this machine is of particular interest to older people.
BIGESTA designed according to nature’s concept – Stay Fit in every way!

Function 1 (Slow speeds)
The slow concentric, clockwise rotations work directly on the skeletal system and the deep muscle tissue.  They introduce movement into the joints resulting in a deep massage.  The joint cavity changes and therefore either reduces or increases load on the cartilage.

•    Frozen joints release
•    Muscles surrounding the joints become stronger
•    Bone density is increased through consistent weight bearing and load on the skeletal system.
•    The natural performance of joints and joint fluids is enhanced
•    The vicious pain cycle is interrupted

Function 2 (Faster Speeds)
Muscles naturally vibrate even when still.  This increases to powerful shaking under extreme load.  The ‘tremor’ causes the muscles to pump blood through themselves.  This action can only be achieved through time consuming and heavy training.  This level of exercise requires a lot of willpower and physical exertion and could even lead to injury.

•    The higher vibrational frequencies of Bigesta introduces movement in your body that is similar to natural muscle tremor.
•    This intensifies blood circulation and increases the supply to the body of oxygen and nutrients.
•    The blood-flow accelerates and lymphatic fluids are washed clean of debris.
•    Growth hormones are produced which motivates the body to generate new, healthy, firm tissue.


Just 6 minutes, onece or twice a day for - For a better qualtiy of life!

With increasing age come the first discomforts. You become aware of body movements and your micro-circulation lessens.  These are natural consequences  but with Bigesta you are able to prolong youthful vitality and mobility.
With this technology there is no need to worry about side effects, and the equipment itself is incredibly easy to operate.

Thoroughly Thought Through – A solution for every need
Bigesta may be used in the following ways:
Standing – relaxed with lightly bent knees, for a whole body workout.  All muscles are simultaneously worked.  Muscular cramping is relaxed, movement in the joints increased and circulation of blood and lymph stimulated.
Seated – for pelvic floor strengthening.  The Lotus Position workout activates the circulation and detoxification of the pelvic floor, the abdomen and chest.
Lying down – This exercise can help improve circulation of the upper body, relaxing and releasing all the back muscles and spine.
Foot and Hand Reflex Massage – Acupressure points on the soles of the feet and palms of the hands correspond to organs and muscle groups throughout the body.  The vibrational stimulation of these points activates the circulation of our vital inner organs.

Added Extras:
Hiking Poles – For increased upper body activation, especially of the shoulders, as well as increased stability for those who require it. Simply insert your Hiking Poles into the two rubber holes located in the Bigesta platform and feel the difference.

Technical Specifications:
Wooden platform dimensions 70cm x 40cm
Maximum weight capacity 130kg (20 stone)
Equipment weight 9.5kg
Motor 12v DC 150 Watt.
Speed continuously variable from 13 to 30 Hz
Transformer 230 V to 12 V DC (suitable for UK and European use and supplied with appropriate plug)
Noise insulated for quiet operation

Bigesta Health System

Bigesta Health System


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