Black Walnut Extract

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Our Black Walnut Extract (Tincture) Extra Strength offers Guaranteed Quality and is traditionally used for:

  • worms, flukes & parasites
  • constipation & hemorrhoids
  • fungal & toxic blood conditions
  • mouth sores & herpes
  • acne, eczema & skin conditions

Black Walnut Extract is part of the famous Hulda Clark Parasite Programme.


Black Walnut Extract

Article: 13030
Size: 110 ml


Extra strong: Green Black Walnut Hulles (Juglans nigra), Ethanol - 50% vol, Water, Vitamin C

May contain traces of nuts!


It is also helpful in reducing tension within the digestive tract and its distinct settling effect may be noticed rapidly. It is an excellent source of the trace mineral manganese and may strengthen joints, tendons and the muscles.

The best quality Black Walnut Extract is made from the green hull and has been used for centuries to help control and eliminate parasites from the body.

In the Hulda Clark parasite cleanse, Black Walnut Extract is used in conjunction with clove and wormwood for a powerful effective and safe parasite cleanse that will address over a hundred different types of parasite - where drugs will generally only tackle one or two at a time.

Most people have parasites
Studies suggest that up to 85% of people in 'civilised countries' carry populations of parasites in their bodies!

This means that your immune system is almost certainly being stressed, and your energy is being constantly drained by these opportunistic invaders.  Not only are you feeding them, but many parasites excrete waste into your gut and bloodstream that is heavily toxic.  This in turn burdens your kidneys, liver and lymphatic systems, not to mention your adrenal glands.

As your body struggles to deal with parasitic waste products, ammonia levels may increase, causing sleep problems to joint and muscle pains. 

Black walnut extract is acknowledged as one of the primary tools to eliminate your population of intestinal parasites. Black walnut hulls contain naturally occurring tannins and quinone compounds, which are the primary ingredients responsible for the expulsion of intestinal parasites, worms, and yeast.

Black Walnut is also a rich source of iodine and trace minerals including manganese. It also contains alkaloids which are being studied for their anti-tumor properties, linolenic acid and natural vitamin C.

More Uses For Green Hulled Black Walnut Extract

Traditionally, Black Walnut Extract has been used to help lower blood pressure, address hypothyroidism, asthma and lung disease, skin fungus, beriberi, diarrhoea, and sore throats. Powdered black walnut has been used to clean teeth and tighten gums.

It has also been used as a mild laxative and to aid digestion, help heal the mouth and sore throat.  Black walnut has also been known to be good for fungal infections, herpes, poison ivy, and warts. It also may help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Green Black Walnut Hull Extract has been shown to have oxygenating abilities which may help burn up excess toxins and fatty materials thereby cleansing the blood. Indicated in a variety of skin problems.

The Black Walnut Has No Enemies

Remarkably there are no natural diseases known to attack the black walnut tree.  It has clearly developed powerful self-protection mechanisms, and its green hulls protect the nut totally in nature.  This is an extraordinary accomplishment, and one we can take advantage of by ingesting the tincture.


Sensitive individuals may wish to build up their dose slowly as part of a parasite cleanse as follows:
one drop on day one (before food) in a quarter glass of water
two drops on day two,
three drops on day three
four drops on day four
firve drops on day five
Then take 10ml all at once and repeat this weekly for 6 weeks

More robust individuals
can immediately take 10ml as a single dose and repeat weekly for a minimum of 6 weeks.  The reason for this is that the life cycle of most parasites is up to 6 weeks and a parasite cleanse needs to cover this whole period.

Black Walnut Extract

Black Walnut Extract

110 ml
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