Boron 3mg

Quick Overview

Boron is extremely important as a health supplement & may have profoundly beneficial effects on:

  • Arthritis & Osteoporosis
  • Aging & Menopausal Symptoms
  • Sex Hormones
  • Allergies
  • Parasites & Candida Albicans
  • Lupus Erythematosus



Article: 11510
Size: 90 veg. Capsules

Ingredients (per Capsule):

Each plant source vegetarian capsule contains: Boron Citrate providing 1.5mg of elemental Boron; Boron Aspartate providing 1.5mg of Boron; 10mg Vitamin B2;
Organic rice flour


Boron Arthritis and Osteoporosis

In his book ‘Beating Arthritis & Beating Osteoporosis’ Dr. Rex Newman Phd suggests that
Boron is an effective treatment for the relief of arthritis in 95% of cases (so long as the joint is not thoroughly deteriorated).  Only part of this, he suggests, is due to its capacity to integrate calcium into the bone and cartilage.

Dr Newman presents studies, observations and case histories relating to both arthritis and osteoporosis in which he pin-points Boron as the key missing element in recovery.

Boron is a trace element necessary for strong bone structure and for metabolising calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It also supports brain function and alertness.

Boron & Incidence of Arthritis

A very clear correlation has been observed -
between boron consumption and incidence of arthritis:

 Country  Boron Consumption  Arthritis Incidence
 Jamaica  Less than 1 mg per day  70% of the population
 USA, UK, Australia,
NZ, South Africa
 1 to 2 mg per day  20% of the population
 Israel  10 mg  0.7% of the population

Boron, Allergies, Arthritis & Parasites

Dr Newman also suggests that since Boron will overcome the symptoms of 95% of arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis, he suspects that allergies involved in rheumatiod arthritis are probably also being addressed by Boron.

Amoebae that parasitized the joints of rheumatoid arthritis sufferers have been identified by Prof. Wyburn-Mason, and it would appear, according to Dr Newman, that Boron can control these parasites.  The infectious and parasitic aspects of rheumatoid arthritis are discussed extensively in his book. 

Interestingly, rheumatoid arthritis sufferers may experience a ‘Herxheimer’ reaction for several days after starting boron supplementation.  This is experienced as a temporary worsening of the arthritis due to parasitic die off clogging the blood and lymph until the eliminatory organs catch up.

How much Boron and How Long?

Dr Newman recommends 10mg of Boron per day as a therapeutic dose.  This sounds very high, but some cultures consume three times this in their daily diet.

  • Studies suggest that people under 60 years of age respond to boron within a month.
  • Those in their 60s respond during the second month.
  • People in their 70s and 80s generally require 3 months.

The Boron should continue to be supplemented.


Boron Menopause & Sex Hormones
Boron is essential for oestrogen production and at the time of the menopause, if supplemented, may rapidly reduce hot flushes.  For some, sex drive has been restored equally rapidly after years of absence.

Supplementing boron also elevates natural sex hormone levels in the body, which according to Dr. Newham, may lessen or eliminate the need for Hormone Replacement Therapy.  He advises that in addition to boron, zinc is also important for sex hormones in both men and women.

Boron & Candida
  In conjunction with other remedies, such as oregano oil, colloidal silver and olive leaf extract, Boron has been shown to help overcome candida overgrowth.


Take 2-3 capsules daily or as directed.


If pregnant or breastfeeding, taking medication or being seriously ill please consult your health care provider or physician before taking thios product.

Boron 3mg

Boron 3mg

90 veg. Capsules
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