CalMac Sport

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Put back the minerals you use in Sport!

  • 1:1 Calcium Magnesium recovery
  • Ideal Sport mineral supplement
  • May lessen muscle aches
  • Includes 833% RDA of Vitamin C

CalMac Sport

Article: 11271
Size: 5 oz / 142 g

CalMac SPORT is a Calcium Magnesium powder supplement with a higher (1:1) proportion of Magnesium than the other calcium magnesium supplements in the range.

Additional magnesium may benefit the muscles and lessen aches and cramping after work outs.

Call Mac SPORT can be absorbed rapidly and easily to restore reserves after stressful, sports activity and is suitable also for those who know they could benefit from additional Magnesium.

CalMac has been one of our most successful products for many years.

 Supplement Facts:
 Serving Size 2 teaspoons, 7g
 Servings Per Container 20
 Amount per Serving
   % Daily Value
 Vitamin C
 As ascorbic acid
 250mg  417%
 Elemental Calcium
 As calcium gluconate
 300mg  30%
 Elemental Magnesium
 As magnesium ascorbate and magnesium carbonate
 300mg  75%
 Other ingredients: Citric Acid

Is an instant mineral beverage that provides 320 mg Calcium and 320 mg Magnesium per serving.

Active people of all ages, particularly those over the age of 40 can benefit from the additional magnesium in Calmac Sport.  It is also an ideal supplement for children and adolescents during their growth phases, and is an appropriate mineral support for all - particularly during periods of physical exertion or sports activity.

Simply put 2 teaspoons of powder into a cup and dissolve by adding one third to one half a cup of boiling water.  Stir until clear, allow to cool and drink.  Adding a generous squeeze of fresh lemon or another mildly acidic juice enhances the flavour and assists in the uptake of the minerals.

People taking prescribed medicines or those who are seriously ill, as well as pregnant or breast-feeding women should always refer to their doctor before taking this supplement.

CalMac Sport

CalMac Sport

5 oz / 142 g
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