Colloidal Silver 25.000 mcg/L - 100ml

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Finest quality Colloidal Silver.  Traditionally used

  • on burns and wounds
  • as a gentle sterilising agent
  • fot its antiviral properties
  • as an antibacterial agent
  • Produced with the best equipment

Colloidal Silver 25.000 mcg/L - 100ml

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Size: 100 ml


dest. Water, Colloidal Silver 25,000 mcg / L (80% ionic, 20% particulate)


What is Colloidal Silver?
Colloidal Silver is a solution of 0.01 to about 0.001 micron diameter, electrically charged particles of silver held in suspension in distilled water.  According to the medical literature, the best quality colloidal silver which may in fact be injected, is actually golden in colour.

What is the therapeutic value of colloidal silver?
According to medical journals from around the world colloidal silver is a powerful wide-spectrum antibiotic that disrupts the enzyme wich is needed by all one-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses for their oxygen metabolism, causing them to suffocate in six minutes or less after direct contact in vitro, as was recently tested at UCLA Medical Labs. Pleomorphic or mutant forms of organisms are just as vulnerable. Colloidal silver is known to be successful for over 650 diseases.

Veterinarians find it useful for canine parvovirus as well as other diseases of small or big animals. Trace amounts of silver may be prophylactic or protective in nature as it is used in the immune system. The British Medical Journal reports that it rapidly subdues inflammation and promotes healing.

How to use Colloidal Silver
Colloidal silver may be used in many ways. It is tasteless and is taken orally by many poeple who have parasites, candida, herpes, chronic fatigue where systemic unknown low grade infection is suspected, staph and strep conditions, shingles, and more than 600 viral and bacterial diseases.  People with septic conditions of the mouth including pyorrhoea and tonsillitis have also chosen to use it historically.

Others who have traditionally used colloidal silver include people with acne, warts, open sores and athlete's foot, just to name a few. People with eye infections including conjunctivitis and other infections or inflammation have chosen to use colloidal silver dropped into the eye, without stinging or irritation. There is a strong history of its topical application vaginally, rectally and atomised into the nose or lungs.

What are the side effects of colloidal silver?
There are
NO known side effects that have ever been recorded from the use of colloidal silver according to the medical literature. Additionally there has never been a recorded case of a drug interaction with any other drug. It is non-adicitive; the body doesn't build up a tolerance to it and studies show that colloidal silver is NOT deposited under the skin like other silver compounds, which, if consumed in huge quantities, may causes greyish skin tone referred to as argyrea. Colloidal silver is tasteless, odourless, non-toxic, non-irritating to the eye, safe for pregnant and lactating women.

Why is Colloidal Silver so little known?
Seventy years ago Colloidal Silver was widely used. The high cost of manufacture however, priced it out of the market. Retail price was approximately £100 per fluid ounce (30ml e) in the 1930's. Recently however a big breakthrough in the production technology of premium grade colloidal silver, has dropped the price to a level that it is competitive once again.

Much of the medical literature on colloidal silver predates 1940.  But now a new surge of interest has begun and a great deal of colloidal silver research is once again being published.  Indeed, colloidal silver impregnated bandages, burns treatment liquids and plasters are becoming commonplace in medical establishments as well as highstreet chemists.

What does the American FDA say about Colloidal Silver?
Colloidal silver is considered to be a pre-1938 drug and may continue to be traded or marketed, as long as it is advertised and labelled for the same use as in 1938.


Begin by taking the recommended daily amount (RDA), half a teaspoon per day preferably in the morning.
Use half this dose for children and one quarter of this amount (i.e. 1/8 teaspoon) for babies.
If colds, flu or infections do not clear within 3-4 days, increase dosage up to half a teaspoon twice daily. Continue for one week.

Colloidal Silver 25.000 mcg/L - 100ml

Colloidal Silver 25.000 mcg/L - 100ml

100 ml
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