Coral Calcium 1000 mg

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Coral Calcium is believed to regulate the acid-base-balance & includes many trace minerals essential for bones & enzyme function.  Calcium is essential for:

  • maintaining strong bones,
  • teeth, & connective tissue
  • promoting healthy digestion
  • nerves message transport

Coral Calcium 1000 mg

Article: 11568
Size: 70 veg. Capsules

Ingredients (per Capsule):

1000 mg Coral Calcium, veg. cellulose capsule

Contains no fillers, binders or other additives.


Calcium is required to deliver the nerve impulse needed for heart and muscle function.  It is also required in all the cells of the heart and other muscles in the body for them to contract. Calcium assists in normal blood clotting, and may play a roll in maintaining healthy blood pressure.

What is the link between calcium and osteoporosis?
The vast majority of your calcium is located in your bones and teeth, and only a tiny amount is in the blood stream.  The level of calcium in the blood is so critical however, that if you do not consume sufficient, your body will take the calcium from your own bone reserves.  Over time this will lead to bone density loss, which is not then easy to restore.  Adequate Calcium consumption is therefore VITAL.

Everyone over the age of about 35 produces less of the hormones needed to build and maintain bone density and women are at greater risk of developing osteoporosis after menopause. They also generally have thinner bones and smaller skeletons, making them more vulnerable to bone density loss.

Men are also affected by osteoporosis
Although men do not go through the menopause, they are still at risk of osteoporosis, and due to our sedentary life-styles and less nutritious foods, few men have the luxury of the bone density developed by their grandfathers and generations before.  Calcium and other mineral supplementation combined with weight bearing exercise is therefore highly recommended for men of all ages.


Take as directed.

Coral Calcium 1000 mg

Coral Calcium 1000 mg

70 veg. Capsules
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