Dr Hulda Clark Zapper

Quick Overview

Our Dr Hulda Clark Zapper offers the following optimum benefits:

  • oscillating, constantly variable, sweeping, pulsed frequencies
  • frequency range of 10Hz to 40kHz
  • easy to use and check
  • constant battery output

Dr Hulda Clark Zapper

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Our premium quality Dr Hulda Clark Zapper produces a current of constantly variable, sweeping, pulsed frequencies, between approximately 10Hz and 40 kHz (unlike most other makes which offer static frequencies only). And delivers maximum output via premium quality non-copper hand holds.

The variable, sweeping, pulsed frequencies are shown to create the broadest, most powerful therapeutic effects (and may tackle many undetected microbes in addition to those that have been identified).

Because of its superior, sweeping, pulsed frequencies, our Zapper has no need for specific frequency ‘chips’ for each parasite. (This was NEVER recommended by Dr Clark).

The zapper also includes high quality non-copper hand holds. The copper versions have been shown by Hulda Clark to deposit unacceptable levels of copper into the user, while the wrist strap option has proven substantially less effective than using the hand holds.

The Dr Hulda Ckark Zapper Benefits From The Following Features:

  • The Zapper is operated by one button and one dial only. (On- Off and Amplitude/Volume)
  • LED and Sound confirm the correct operation of the Zapper:
  • When switched on, a GREEN LED ON, indicates readiness (before the electrodes are held).
  • The GREEN LED FLASHES once the electrodes are held (completing the circuit). This indicates the 7 minute treatment cycle is under way.
  • RED LED comes ON if the circuit is broken (detached cable, letting go of one electrode, extra dry hands etc).
  • RED LED FLASHES if the battery is flat. (replace battery and re-commence).
  • Treatment duration is set to 7 minutes. A tone is heard when the Zapper switches off at the end of the cycle.
  • There is an automatic switch-off (with delay), if the electrodes are left out of the hands.
  • Supplied with professional quality, easy-clean electrodes and connectors (NOT copper tubes that corrode)
  • In case of short circuit (e.g. accidental touching of the electrodes) the device switches itself off and makes a tone to indicate it is shutting down. This prevents rapid battery discharge. No damage is done to the Zapper.
  • Battery operated with 1 x 9v battery, with a life length of several months depending on frequency of use.
  • Consistent battery voltage is automatically regulated.

Hulda Clark Zapper
2 professional, polished brass hand electrodes
high-quality 9V battery
operating instructions
Quality protective case with foam shock protection

Dr Hulda Clark Zapper

Dr Hulda Clark Zapper

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