Grape Seed Extract

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Grape Seed Extract is packed with OPCs, the strongest free radical scavengers known.  These are known for:

  • Neutralising free radicals
  • Anti-Aging properties for skin & connective tissue
  • Prevention of inner cell damage
  • maintenance of skin elasticity

...probably the best anti-ageing product in existence!


Grape Seed Extract

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Ethanol 27% vol, Water, Masquelliers OPC-100 Grape vine seed Extract (Vitis vinifera)

1 ml extract = 27 mg OPC


The naturally occurring ‘Oligomeric Proantho-Cynidins’ found in grape-seed protect us from the daily damage of pollution.
Produced to strict pharmaceutical standards this supplement’s protective and health enhancing qualities are extensive:

• Neutralising oxygen free radicals
• Extraordinary Anti-Aging properties for skin and connective tissue
• Chelating transition metals like iron, zinc, manganese and copper. These metals, if not chelated, can become dangerous pro-oxidants
• Blocks destructive enzymes and their attachment to cellular receptors
• Highly water soluble, providing lasting health benefits. It can penetrate both aqueous and lipid cellular membranes, providing complete cellular protection to the body tissues and organs.
• OPC attaches itself to collagen and elastin in the body to support and enhance vascular and lymphatic membranes, stomach, gastro-intestinal lining, sinus and respiratory systems, as well as joint and vertebral support areas.
• It prevents the formation of ascorbate oxidase, which can destroy our natural supply of vitamin C in the body.

It supports the body’s own natural mechanism to maintain and enhance connective tissue and the elasticity of the skin. Strengthening the flexibility of collagen and preventing sagging and wrinkles as well as preventing inner cell damage from free radicals and microbes. It is probably the best anti-ageing product in existence!


Take two teaspoons daily for 14 days. From then on take one teaspoon daily.

It is recommended to take OPC on an empty stomach and drink plenty of water to ensure that it reaches into various tissues and there has the most beneficial effect. We recommend the use of Plato H2O Core with this product to ensure optimum hydration and even deeper penetration of the OPCs.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract

100 ml

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