Heavy Metal Cleanse

Quick Overview

Heavy Metal Cleanse contains natural ingredients traditionally used to assist the body in removal of mercury/heavy metals.

  • Two-phase detoxification & cleansing
  • 30 day programme
  • Simple morning & evening formula
  • Promotes heavy metal capture & removal
  • Replenishes beneficial nutrients


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Heavy Metal Cleanse

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Size: 120 veg. Caps.

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Heavy Metal Cleanse is avery simple, two-part detoxification programme.  It uses natural chelating agents as well as antioxidants with the intention to enable the body to remove heavy metals more easily.

In order to compensate for the possible removal of any helpful vitamins and minerals through chelation, Heavy Metal Detox provides a a full array of replenishing nutrients every day.

Heavy metals are known to be difficult for the body to eliminate on its own and are a primary factor in environmental toxicity known to be implicated in the vast majority of chronic diseases.

Part I of this formula is a mineral support formula, containing vitamins and minerals designed to support a healthy nutritional balance.
Part II contains herbs and nutrients traditionally used in organ cleansing and healthy elimination.

(While taking Heavy Metal Cleanse, FiberSMART ad OilSMART are highly recommended.)


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Heavy Metal Cleanse

Heavy Metal Cleanse

120 veg. Caps.

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