HYDRATION is STEP TWO of the three essential steps to wellness.

Proper hydration is essential for both cleansing and nutrition.  Only the cleanest water will carry nutrients to your cells and shuttle toxins away.
Tap water contains traces of everything from mercury to chemotherapy.
Our solution is to deliver clean, living water direct to the cells.
Please attend to HYDRATION as STEP TWO of your healing process.
To achieve full cellular hydration we recommend 'living water' as nature intended & sufficient quality electrolytes to facilitate cellular detoxification.
The skin also absorbs water, and when showering, we must remove toxins and volatile compounds so readily taken up by it and the lungs.


 Why Water Purification?

Quite simply, water will either poison or purify.  It will carry toxins into your cells or carry them away for elimination. 

Our municipal water treatment plants are just not equipped to remove the heavy metals, PCBs and petrochemicals from industry, the antibiotics, pesticides & herbicides from farming, the flame retardants, solvents & dies from manufacturing or the medical & recreational drug residues from the general population's urine. 

Yes, in tap water, you are drinking traces of all of the above.  Cheers!

There is little point in both detoxing and drinking toxins at the same time.  After years of looking at the options we have selected what we believe to be the best and most cost effective water purification systems to help protect you and your family.

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Why a Shower Filter?

Not only does your body absorb considerable amounts of water during your shower or bath, but the heat and spray release clouds of 'volatile compounds', most notably chlorine into the confined space in which you breathe.  These gases are inhaled deep into the lungs, which are designed to deliver gases to the blood stream.  Toxicity by inhalation is powerful and rapid.

Shower filters are an absolute must for anyone serious about ridding themselves of accumulated toxiciy.  But all shower filters are not created equal.  They must work fast and under pressure, so as to not hamper the flow.  They must also be efficient at high temperatures and remain effective right up to the time they are due to be replaced.  We have considered all of this in selecting our shower filter solution.

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Why Cellular Hydration?

First of all, what is cellular hydration?  It is the proper delivery of water into the cells.  Research shows that many of us remain dehydrated at this crucial cellular level even when drinking too much water.  It is simply not reaching its target.

Dehydration of the cells is very serious, and it is occurring to almost all of us. It prevents the cells from functioning optimally, potentially leaving them starved of nutrients and incapable of releasing adequate intracellular toxicity.  We believe that rectifying this is crucial for everyone.

The American 'Fenestra Laboratories' studied many methods, including the use of 'functional waters' to find ways in which to increase this cellular hydration, but found that none of the proposed solutions worked.  Then a small study in 2004 yielded some interesting results.  Test subjects increased their average cellular hydration by 23% in just 30 days!

Unfortunately these studies are not recognised in the UK, so we cannot tell you whether the solution we offer our customers is the one that yielded these remarkable results. 

But we can tell you that we travelled to the West Coast of America, met with the developer of the patented technology to 'transform' his water and now import it.

We offer two of his functional waters, which we refer to as 'water additives' because one only needs to add a small amount to the day's drinking water for any benefit that may (or may not) be derived.

We highly recommend that everyone attends to their cellular hydration as step two of the three essential steps to wellness.

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Why Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are what make water conductive.  They are minerals in solution which carry electrical charge.

Every cell in our bodies makes use of a complex variety of elements, each bound chemically and electrically.  When a particular charge is needed to complete the makeup of a cell, and the required mineral is not available, the body will 'make do' with the next best thing. 

In today's environment however, the next best thing is likely to be a toxic metal like mercury which, due to its electrical charge, might get bound into the cell in the place of zinc for example.

Once bound in place, the body cannot simply release the heavy metal, leaving a gap in its electrical balance.  Instead, it must have another, more appropriate element ready to switch it for. It is these beneficial elements which are made available through the supply of crucially important electrolytes.

Ultimately electrolytes are used in every metabolic process of the body.  By providing these continually, you may drastically reduce your body's need to integrate harmful substitute elements, and increase its capacity to release those it has already built in.

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