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Acute Kidney Infection Treatment

Acute kidney infection is generally treated by your doctor with a course of antibiotics.  Natural medicine practitioners like to avoid the use of antibiotics where appropriate, because the may have a negative effect on many body systems.

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Alternatives to Antibiotics:

Colloidal Silver
Colloidal silver has been shown to have far reaching, powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties, and has recently made a resurgence in hospitals - particularly burns units, where it is found to have unparalleled properties for protecting vulnerable tissue from bacterial, fungal and viral infection.

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 Colloidal Silver - Available in various sizes and concentrations

Colloidal silver may be taken orally in small quantities and held in the mouth before swallowing.  This allows the silver into the bloodstream where it is distributed throughout the body and passes through the kidneys.  Colloidal silver is one of the most researched antimicrobials available and is active against over 650 bacteria and viruses. 

There are currently 725 medical research papers at PubMed here (simply type "colloidal silver" into the search field.

Colloidal silver must be prepared to a very high standard with appropriate silver particle sizes and concentrations.  Our colloidal silver is available in various concentrations and is used by Doctors and Naturopaths throughout Europe.

Our colloidal silver may also be used vaginally to attack the bacteria on the mucosal membranes.   Click here for more about Colloidal Silver

Freeze Dried Garlic
Freeze drying is the only way to fully preserve the powerful antibacterial properties of Garlic. 

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 Freeze Dried Garlic

The BioPure Freeze dried garlic we offer, has approximately  5 times the active ingredient (alicin) of any other garlic on the market, and yet it leaves little smell on the breath and has been shown to have a broader antimicrobial action than any antibiotic and is frequently more powerful.  (There are many medical research papers available at PubMed.  Simply enter 'Garlic' in the search field.)

One of the many benefits of garlic is its anti-fungal as well as antibacterial properties.  Many kidney and urinary tract infections are complex in nature and anti-biotic treatment leaves an open door to fungal infection, while garlic addresses both.  Click here for more about Freeze Dried Garlic

Olive Leaf Extract
90% of urinary tract and therefore acute kidney infections are due to Escherichia coli (E. coli).  While Olive leaf extract has a far narrower antibacterial range than Garlic or silver, it is beautifully targeted at E.Coli - the cause of the vast majority of urinary tract and Kidney infections.

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 Olive Leaf Extract - Available in two sizes

A 2003 study  by the Technion-Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel, found E.coli was completely destroyed when exposed to a solution of only 0.6% olive leaf extract.

Department of Microbiology, Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion-Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.
"Scanning electron microscopic observations of C. albicans, exposed to 40% (w/v) olive leaf extract, showed invaginated and amorphous cells. Escherichia coli cells, subjected to a similar treatment but exposed to only 0.6% (w/v) olive leaf extract showed complete destruction. These findings suggest an antimicrobial potential for olive leaves."
Please click here and enter 'Olive leaf Extract' into the search field.  Click here for more about Olive Leaf Extract

Chronic Kidney Treatment
Conventionally, the progression of chronic kidney disease has been hard to spot, and even harder to treat, with poor prognoses leading to possible dialysis or transplant after prolonged degeneration.

Recently the Royal London Hospital has confirmed in its 2009 study that Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) so long advocated by alternative practitioners, does indeed demonstrate remarkable effects on delaying the progression of kidney disease to kidney failure.  In some cases the ingestion of this simple supplement has enabled patients to come off dialysis altogether.  Read the Times Online article here.

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 Baking Soda

The implication is that earlier supplementation may push back the clock even further and prolong the health of our kidneys into old age.  This is particularly true in those of us with metabolic acidosis - a condition where the kidneys are unable to keep up with the alkalizing of body fluids. The trouble is, we only know this has happened when it's too late.

Perhaps a better approach would be to follow the advice of naturopaths and herbalists and cleanse the kidneys twice a year to optimise their performance and minimise the chances of slowly accumulating kidney problems.

Kidney cleanses are designed to literally clean through the kidneys and their micro-tubules, thereby reducing restrictions and increasing potential flow and filtration rate.

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 Kidney Cleanse - Available in 2 Sizes

Kidney tonics are are exactly that.  They 'tonify' or strengthen the kidneys according to herbal medicine and are traditionally used to produce a beneficial effect on the whole urinary tract.

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Kidney Plex - Kidney Tonic

Kidney teas are an alternative which are easily taken to work or consumed throughout the day.  The blend of herbs has been developed over generations.

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 Kidney Tea Herbs - Available in two sizes
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