Magic Green

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Magic Green is Nature’s Miracle Food. A Chlorella mist in a liquid suspension:

  • Binds metals in the oral cavity
  • Mops metals from gut, blood and lymph
  • Ideal during amalgam extraction
  • Fine chlorella mist in liquid suspension for massive surface area & absorption
  • Economical - less chlorella binds more metals

Magic Green

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Size: 30 ml


Chlorella Vulgaris, Ethanol 27% vol, purified water


Magic Green™ has one specially activated, Super Nutrient ingredient: pure Chlorella. Chlorella contains all of the vitamins, minerals, proteins and other good stuff a person needs to be properly nourished and protected from a poisoned environment. Chlorella has survived in a hostile environment for billions of years, and has provided the foundation of the food chain for the many species that we survive on as our food.

Trouble is that only fish have teeth small enough to chew it, so to speak. People have eaten chlorella for centuries, and by the ton, but only get a fraction of the benefits derived by the species that are lower down the food chain and able to digest it.

Our proprietary manufacturing method solves this problem: we pre chew it for you, not with fish teeth, but with a state of the art processing system. After the chlorella is processed, you only need to take a little bit of it to get a major benefit. If you look at any and all of the other brands of chlorella sold today under a microscope, the chlorella looks like whole brussel sprouts clumped in a watery broth. If you look at Magic Green™ under a microscope, it looks like free flowing pea soup. (There is a massive increase in available surface area.) The difference is similar to trying to chew whole-wheat kernels compared to eating bread. Magic Green™ is the only chlorella processed by our method on the market today. We make it more effective, much easier to take (drops instead of a spoonful of powder or capsules), and a lot less expensive in the long run.

Here’s an example. One of the many things chlorella is known to be good at is binding to environmental poisons including mercury. This is a good thing because if the mercury binds to the chlorella, it doesn’t bind to you. We did an experiment using 30 people with silver amalgam fillings in their teeth, which contain a lot of mercury, to find out just how well chlorella would bind to the mercury, which is released into the mouth when these people chew food or gum or drink hot drinks. We used an atomic absorption spectrometer (also known as a mercury vapor analyzer) to measure how much mercury was in their mouths after chewing. A lot. Then we asked some of them to brush their teeth and rinse with normal chlorella (a slimy green mess), and the others to brush and rinse with a few drops of Magic Green™. We did the same measurement again and compared the difference. It took 500 mg. of normal chlorella to clean all of the mercury vapor out of the mouth. It only took 5 mg. of Magic Green™ to do the same thing. That means Magic Green™ is100 times more effective at protecting you from mercury than normal chlorella. It also means you can take a lot more Magic Green™ than normal chlorella before turning green.

What else?
Chlorella is known to contain a scientifically studied ‘magic’ ingredient called Chlorella Growth Factor CGF, which promotes healing. Normal CGF is obtained by boiling the chlorella and extracting the ingredient. This cooking changes the nature of the delicate proteins in the substance. Our process lets this precious ingredient spill into the surrounding liquid in the product when the chlorella cell walls are literally cracked in two, without high temperatures or chemical extracting agents, and all of those proteins are saved, in tact, for you to digest. It’s like the difference between eating a raw egg, the world’s best source of and easiest to digest protein; and a hard boiled egg, which is full of cholesterol raising trans fatty acids and that makes certain aspects of your behavior smell like sulfur. The good news is that you don’t have to eat a raw egg. Or leave sulfur trails.

So if Magic Green™ is 100 times more effective at doing its job of binding poisons, wouldn’t it also make sense that it is 100 times more effective at doing the other things chlorella is good for? Yes. The technical term for this is ‘bioavailability’, which means that a person can not only digest but also absorb and utilize the ingredients. Chlorella is a Super Nutrient, packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins and other life enhancing nutrients. You get all of these benefits instantly with Magic Green™. How do you know this? First, you can feel it. People are generally more awake, calmer and stronger after taking Magic Green™, and the more so the longer they take it. You can also see it: when you take large enough amounts of normal chlorella to get a health benefit from it, the part you can’t digest leaves the body in the stool, leaving it bright green. With Magic Green™, there are no such fluorescent and costly embarrassments, because you can absorb and use it all.

Is there any science or experience behind Magic Green™?
Plenty. It has formed the basis of the products NDF and NDF Plus, used since 1998 by thousands of people, in the clinical practices of some of the world’s most successful and advanced biological Doctors, for the purpose of chelating heavy metal and chemical poisons out of the body. You can see a multitude of lab tests supporting this action at NDF is known as the ‘safest and most effective chelator in the world today”. NDF and NDF Plus contain additional ingredients that focus their effects in this direction and require professional health care supervision for use, as they are so effective. One of the reasons NDF and NDF Plus are the ‘safest’ is that the Magic Green™ in them is a Super Nutrient that gives the body the energy to propel those poisons out of the system.

If a person, who is not already seriously ill with heavy metal & chemical toxicity, wanting to use Magic Green™ for detox and maintenance, may do so, because Magic Green™ works with the body’s natural detox systems. Poisons are naturally pulled into the colon for elimination. If one continues to clean the colon with Magic Green™, the body continues to mobilize poisons to it for elimination. The more toxins it can handle, the more the body sends there. Of course, insuring one bowel movement per meal per day during this or at any time is extremely advantageous, and one of the Greatest health secrets of all time.

Because Magic Green™ is a food, it’s safe to eat it every day. It’s good full spectrum nutrition and it’s good protection. With chlorella you can’t separate the two; like beets, it’s a food that is also good for you. Magic Green™ is natural, clean, and easy. It gives you all of the wonderful nutritive and health benefits of Chlorella, which can finally be easily digested and used. A few drops under the tongue and you’re good to go.

The Mitigation of Mercury Vapor Inhalation and Exhalation in People with Dental Amalgam Fillings
T. Ray OMD LAc, Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, November 2002, #232.


Magic Green contains 56 mg. of nanonized chlorella in one dropper full (1 ml.). A 30 ml. bottle is normally a one month supply.

Because the chlorella in Magic Green is 100% bioavailable in this special state, much less is required to achieve a ‘normal’ nutritional dose of chlorella. How much a person can digest of the normal chlorella they take depends on their digestive efficiency, and everyone is different. Because normal chlorella (pills, capsules and powder) is notoriously difficult to digest most people can only digest 5% of what they consume, others maybe 25%. A normal dose of normal chlorella is about 1000 mg. or 1 gram. If we take 5% of 1000 mg we see that they are only digesting and absorbing about 50 mg of chlorella, the rest of it, undigested, passing in the stool. Because Magic Green is nanonized and 100% predigested, and you absorb all of what you take, you only need 50mg of Magic Green to achieve the same effect as taking 1000 mg. of normal ‘cell broken’ chlorella. Magic Green is roughly 20 time more effective than normal chlorella.

There is even a more significant increase in Magic Green’s efficiency when it comes to binding metal and chemical toxins because of the massive increase in available surface area of the cell wall after it is nanonized. Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (mercury vapor analyzer) testing shows a 100 fold increase in Magic Green’s ability to bind mercury vapor in the mouths of people with silver amalgam fillings as compared to normal chlorella. This toxin absorbing action happens wherever the Magic Green goes, including the entire digestive tract.

Because Magic Green is ‘cold processed’, the 5% of CGF (chlorella growth factor) in the chlorella is much more effective than in other brands of CGF. It is not denatured by the extreme heat processing used in all other CGF products. We can’t tell you scientifically how much of a difference there is, but suspect that because the CGF in other brands is a boiled protein, that it is close to worthless compared to the CGF in its raw, natural state found in Magic Green.

For increased stamina, energy and strength take 1 ml of Magic Green in juice or water in the morning or as desired. Magic Green is full of raw, natural vitamins, minerals, proteins and phytonutrients.
* See note below.

Chewing and hot beverages make mercury vapor come out of amalgam fillings and into the mouth, where it mixes with saliva and goes into the body. There is more mercury vapor in the mouth after eating than before, proven with AAS. Mix 5 drops of Magic Green in a little bit of water or juice, rinse, brush the mouth with a soft toothbrush, and then spit after every ‘chewing’ (especially chewing gum) or hot beverage to bind and discard the mercury vapor that has been released. There is no substitute for having amalgams replaced with inert materials. If you have amalgams, do the brush, rinse and spit process before taking a nutritional dose of Magic Green.
* See note below.

1. It is best to have been taking Magic Green for a few weeks before having the amalgams replaced, of course, using the brush, rinse, spit process before each 1 ml. dose.
2. On the day of replacement, brush, rinse and spit with 10 drops of Magic Green just before the procedure.
3. After the procedure repeat the brush, rinse, spit process with 1 ml. (one dropper full, about 26 drops) of Magic Green two times. Be sure to rinse and spit again with pure water afterwards.
4. Then take a 1-ml. dose of Magic Green in water or juice immediately afterwards, 4 times that day and for the next 2 days.
5. If only some of the amalgams were replaced, you must do the brush, rinse, spit process before each dose.
* See note below.

This will happen gradually and naturally with the 1 ml. a day nutritional dose of Magic Green. If you suspect that you are metal toxic, and if you have had amalgam fillings, live in a city or eat fish, you certainly are: be sure that the bowels are moving once per meal per day. You can take another 1 ml dose of Magic Green in the early afternoon to speed up the process ONLY if you do not get any ‘healing crisis’ type reactions: headache, fatigue, rash and the like. You will know that the toxins are coming out if you continue to feel better and better. If not, consult with a professional health care practitioner who understands heavy metal and chemical toxicity. Detox using this gentle approach can take a year, depending on how much toxicity is stored in your body. You will know that detox is done when you feel great again, like yourself. For clinical information on metal and chemical detox, please see
* See note below.

It is a sad fact of modern life that we are continuously exposed to various heavy metal and chemical toxins. The 1 ml a day nutritional dose will protect against a low level of daily exposure. If you live or work in a polluted area, or are not able to eat organic foods, you can increase the dose to 2 or 3 times a day. Use your common sense: if you’re not feeling the results of increased energy and well being, you may not be doing enough about the problem. Please see for additional suggestions.
* See note below.

Magic Green binds to toxins, and these days, those toxins lurk in many corners. If you eat at restaurants you can put 5-10 drops in the sauces, the soups, the soy sauce dip for your sushi, or even the water they serve as it also binds chlorine! It’s handy to keep a bottle with you when you go out. Because Magic Green is so efficient, you only need a little bit to get the job done so you can’t taste it in the sauces! Magic Green can also be applied to the skin to assist with removing the toxic residue of most make-up products; apply a thin coat, leave it on for 30 seconds, and then rinse with water after using it for this purpose. Magic Green can be mixed in water and used to rinse the hands after using commercial cleansing products.
* See note below.


If you are allergic to chlorella or small amounts of gluten free alcohol, do not take this product. If you are ill, pregnant or nursing, consult with your health care provider before taking any food supplement, concentrate or remedy. If you feel worse in any way while taking this or any product, stop! You may be taking too much or need to take a break from it for a few days, or, you may be allergic to it and not know it.

* Please note that the above information has been provided by the manufacturer and is not intended to offer advice or recommendation. Nothing contained on this web site should be construed nor is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider. Should you have any health care related questions, please call or see your physician or other qualified health care provider promptly. Always consult with your physician or other qualified health care provider before embarking on a new treatment, diet or fitness program. You should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this web site.

Magic Green

Magic Green

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