MSM Water Drops

Quick Overview

MSM Water Drops may be useful in the following situations:

  • Dry or tired eyes
  • Skin blemishes and dryness
  • Post Contact lense relaxation of the eyes
  • Ear wax softening & removal

MSM Water Drops

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Deionized Water, MSM, Ionic Silver, Ionic Zinc


The liquid is non-toxic. The introduction of ionic-silver and zinc make the MSM Water Drops more effective than ever before.

MSM drops may help with tired, strained eyes due to work, driving or dry, dusty environments. 

MSM Drops may also be safely used in the ears to loosen and soften wax and some report that is has relieved earache.

Both Zinc and Silver are antimicrobial, so that as well as the liquid maintaining its sterility, this product may help clear mild eye or ear infections.  It should not however be considered as an alternative for full and appropriate medical care.


MSm Water Drops are safe for topical use (on the skin), in the ears and in the eyes.

Consider using them after removing your contact lenses.

MSM Water Drops

MSM Water Drops

29.5 ml

Out of stock

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