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Nu-Zymes™ all natural enzymes support a healthy digestive system & may help you:

  • Enjoy your favorite foods again
  • Head off heartburn
  • Reduce Acid reflux & indigestion

Natural Enzymes help break down proteins, carbs, fats, lactose and more.




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Ingredients (per Serving Size: 2 Capsules):

460 mg Proprietary Blend of:

- Protease 4.5                                                                          24,000 HUT
- Amylase                                                                                 10,000 DU
- Cellulase                                                                                  2,000 CU
- Pectinase                                                                                      30 endo-PGU
- Lactase                                                                                     2,000 ALU
- Alpha-galactosidase                                                                 200 GalU
- Protease 3.0                                                                                 10 SAPU
- Lipase                                                                                       1,000 FIP
- Invertase                                                                                      180 SU
- CereCalase                                                                                  30 mg
  (hemicellase beta-glucanase, phytase)
- Lactobacillus acidophilus                                                            2 mg

other Ingredients: Rice bran, vegetable cellulose and water. Processing aids: medium chain triglycerides.

This product does not contain tree nuts, shellfish or gluten.


If your body lacks the enzymes it needs for proper digestion Nu-Zymes helps ease that digestive burden with all natural enzymes that break down fats, proteins,
sugars, carbohydrates, fibers, starches and lactose so they can be absorbed. This unique blend of enzymes can help with heartburn, acid reflux and other symptoms associated with indigestion.

Digestive Enzymes
One of the simplest ways that you can improve your health is to add enzymes to your diet.  Enzymes are simply particular proteins that make thing happen.  They are not used up in the process, but digestive enzymes, as their name suggests enable your body to easily and thoroughly digest your food.

Whole, raw foods are full of enzymes. When these foods are eaten, your body utilizes  the enzymes to assist in breaking down the foods.  Each raw food naturally carries the appropriate enzymes for fats, proteins, carbohydrates and so on.

Mostly we eat cooked foods and the enzymes are lost or damaged.  This means your body must work extra hard to break down foods and much of the time is simply incapable to extracting the nutrients.

Enzymes have been prescribed by naturopaths for many years to supplement the diet, with the following benefits:

  • cleanse and purify the blood
  • help remove toxins, parasite, and fungus
  • help improve metabolism,
  • normalize hormones, and
  • improve the immune system

Because cooked foods destroy enzymes, it is vital that enzymes be added to the diet in supplemental form.

Signs that may be associated with Enzyme Deficiency include:

  • suffering from anxiety and panic
  • frequent back problems
  • low blood sugar
  • frequent bouts of Gingivitis,
  • overgrowth of Candida
  • water retention
  • viral and bacterial infections
  • hearing problems
  • digestive problems and disorders
  • high cholesterol
  • hives
  • chronic fatigue syndrome or ME
  • chronic diarrhea

Enzymes To Increase Energy
One of the primary benefits you may experience when taking an enzyme supplement is increased energy. Enzymes are synonymous with energy and when they are taken they will increase the body's energy because you will be able to utilize your food more thoroughly.

When enzymes are available to assist with your digestion, your body will have more energy available for vital biological functions. As a result your overall health may improve as the available energy is distributed amongst the previously energy starved organs.

Enzyme therapy has been show to be beneficial for people suffering the following conditions:
chronic lower back pain, sprains, strains, and muscle injuries, Acne, Chronic Candidasis, Pancreatic Insufficiency, Celiac Disease, Arthritis, Food Allergies, GERD, Acid Indigestion, Osteoarthritis, Tendinitis, and Crohn’s Disease.

In addition to taking supplemental enzymes we strongly recommend adding plenty of raw, organic food to your diet.



90 veg. Capsules

Out of stock

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