NUTRITION is STEP THREE of the three essential steps to wellness.

Proper nutrition is essential for robust health.  But it is only one leg of a three legged stool.  The two others are Cleansing and Hydration.
Assuming you are attending to these, nutrition should be your focus.
Please attend to NUTRITION as STEP THREE of your healing process.
We advise eating only organic food, to avoid genetically modified ingredients, pesticides & herbicides, proven to be highly carcinogenic.
Even then, our soils are depleted of vital nutrients & our assimilation of what we ingest may be impaired by toxicity, parasites, metals and more.
Nutritional supplementation is now believed by many, to be our only option until farming practices are transformed and we recover our soils.

Why Supplement?

Even though we have access to more 'food' more of the time than ever before, studies show that the vast majority of us are actually deficient in a whole raft of nutrients. There are many and varied reasons for this. 
Many of our foods really have little nutritional value to start with, and merely digesting them costs us more nutrients than the food provides.  We are also exposed to a tremendous daily onslaught of environmental pollution from benzines, pesticides herbicides and solvents to metals and electro smog.
We tend to be poorly hydrated at the cellular level and our absorption of food suffers due to parasites, metals and congested fecal matter in the colon, to name but a few of the reasons.
To combat these growing nutritional hurdles, we have collated a top quality array of nutritional supplements from multi-vitamins and minerals to single herbs and combinations.  All our suppliers are of the highest calibre and we insist on the cleanest sources with no fillers, binders or excipients for our own labeled supplements.
Pleas use the 'Supplement Type' menu, or the 'A to Z' menu to the left of this page, for a full selection of supplements.  Or choose any of the other menus to assist you in finding suggestions relevant to your own health circumstances.
Below is a small selection of key nutritional supplements.  Please enjoy browsing our website.