PainStopper Overall

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"Pain Relief and So Much More!"
Revolutionary NEW energy technology - A drug-free, approved pain relief system developed for energetic support and pain relief from:

  • Whole body pain
  • Fatigue & Exhaustion
  • Poor sleep
  • Arthritic or Rheumatic pain

100% money back guarantee for 30 days!

PainStopper Overall

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The PainStopper Overall is ideal if you need whole body rejuvenation.  It is not only used by sufferers of ME, arthritis and neuralgia, but is also a tool used by top flight athletes, to bring thier bodies up to peak performance.

Tests on KLM air crew
have demonstrated dramatic reductions in swelling ankles, aching feet, legs, backs, and even jet lag - all from just wearing the insoles.

80% of women wearing the PainStopper around their waists report significant relief from period pains including cramps, back aches and even mood swings.

Substantial reductions in pain after accidents injury and surgery are also commonplace - some even experienced by our own staff.

From Tennis Elbow to Sciatic Nerve pain the effects can be remarkable!  Falls resulting in hairline wrist fractures and severe leg pains after car accidents have been reported pain free within a day or two.

PainStopper's effects are not just local - & don't stop at pain relief!
Remarkably your whole body will respond to the influence of these frequencies.

Painstoppers action is both unique and powerful!
Award Winner at the Nuremberg Inventor's Fair, this technology combines the frequencies of 3 different subtropical herbs, which are energetically imprinted into the fabric of the Painstopper using a proprietary Austrian technology.
Studies by Professor Köck at the University of Technology, Vienna, revealed profound improvements in electrical energy throughout the body.

The images below are of a patient with lung and kidney disease.
They are images which display the robustness of the patients electrical filed as measured at the hands and feet.

The first image is before wearing PainStopper. 
Notice how weak and broken up the black lines are around the fingers and toes.

The second image is after wearing Painstopper Insoles ONLY for just 10 minutes!
Notice how much stronger and clearer the electrical signal is - especially the fingers which are pretty much as far away from the insoles as one could measure!

high frequency image 1.jpg high frequency image 2.jpg

Your body relies on good, strong, clear messages!

Naturally your health depends on sending and receiving clear information from head to toe.  The images above show communication that could be compared with a poor connection on your mobile or cell phone that keeps breaking up (on the left), versus a crystal clear conversation over a high speed land line (on the right).  Which would you rather have?  The health benefits are clear...

Not only does your whole body appear to benefit from this remarkably simple technology, but it does it without a single drug or supplement!  With over 5000 carefully documented applications there have been no reported conflicts or contraindications.

Painstopper will continue working for at least 3 years and may be washed as often as you choose with no loss of effect.

The whole PainStopper range is backed by a cast iron, money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose when trying it for yourself.

PainStopper Overall

PainStopper Overall

1 piece
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