Plato H2O Core (water additive)

Quick Overview

US Fenestra Laboratoies study shows increased hydration inside the cells. Plato H2O Core has a faster effect than its sister product (Plato H2O). As cellular hydration improves, the following may resolve:

  • headache and stress pain
  • swollen or puffy ankles and wrists
  • whole body water retention
  • Poor nutrient uptake.
  • Insufficient cellular detoxification

Plato H2O Core (water additive)

Article: 17001
Size: 500 ml

  • May lessen or resolve constipation
  • May beneficially alter blood platelet aggregation and increase blood oxygen levels.
  • Concentration and mental clarity may also improve with superior hydration

By adding this subtly energised water additive, your drinking water becomes 'wetter'. This enables it to cross the cell membranes more swiftly, as is experienced with living water fresh from a mountain spring.

Many people feel a tremendous difference with the very first drink of Plato enhanced water. The cells become hydrated properly for the first time in a person's life, providing increased physical energy, decreased pain and stress, improved mental clarity, and a feeling of ease and emotional balance.

Clinical Trials

Plato H2O™ is the ONLY form of water clinically proven to fully hydrate the cells. Trials in 2004 and 2005 demonstrated remarkable elevations in cellular re-hydration over 1 month and 6 months respectively. Every single participant’s hydration increased substantially within 30 days.

Plato H2O™ is Energy in a Bottle!
Uniquely rich in dodecahedral micro-clusters, anticipated by Plato over 2000 years ago, and now explained in advanced physics, Plato H2O™ has vastly more available energy than any other water. This can be measured in milliwatts. Where other waters measure around 300 to 1000 milliwatts, Plato H2O™ registers off the scale in excess of 33,000 milliwatts!

The Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2003 and Aquaporin

As recently as 2003 the Nobel prize for Chemistry was awarded for the explanation of channels that carry water in and out of our bodies’ cells. These passages have been named ‘Aquaporin’. This discovery has shown that it is only possible for water to pass through the cell membranes ONE MOLECULE AT A TIME!

Any additional electrical or magnetic charge, mineral or toxin will be rejected, slowing the pace of hydration. It is therefore not true to suggest improvements in cellular hydration by adding mineral salts, oxygen, or electrical stimulus to water. It IS vital that the water molecules do not clump together, but are in minute, stable micro-clusters.

Plato H2O™ is the ONLY functional water with the necessary parameters to pass effortlessly through the cells’ aquaporin channels, to achieve complete cellular hydration.

Water Structure
One water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms combined with one oxygen atom, but these do not exist alone and have a tendency to link up with millions or trillions of other water molecules, making a sluggish and lifeless water (which it is hard for the cells to accommodate).

Only nature’s complex motion (perfectly emulated in the technology used to make Plato H2O™) has the capacity to untangle these massive structures and spin new ‘microclusters’ which science suggests are just 20 molecules together in the smallest possible stable form of liquid water (the dodecahedron). It is this tiny, microcluster formation, which is believed to be responsible for both the incredible energy in Plato H2O™ and for its immediate acceptance through the aquaporin channels and into the cells.

Using a spectroscopic technique called Nuclear Magnetic Resonance imaging, scientists are able to ‘see’ the uniquely small cluster size of Plato H2O™. (as well as the water to which it is added) and compare it to other waters that claim to offer proper hydration.

Horizontally the above graph presents eight water samples for testing with NMR
Vertically, the above graph presents NMR Line Width in Hertz for each water sample. The lower the ‘Line Width’ the smaller the molecular cluster size.

PMW: PlatoH2O™ (made with External Forces Only)
AMW: Clean Water with 2 Tsps PlatoH2O™ Added per US Gallon
TW: Tap Water
EF1: Lesser Known Brand of Functional Water made/w External Forces Only
EF2: Well Known Patented Functional Water Brand made/w External Forces Only
CMW: Well Known Colloidal Mineral Water Brand added to Water
MW: Well Known Mineral Water Brand
EW: Well Known Electrolyte Water Brand

As can be seen in the above graph, Plato H2O™ is clearly in a class of its own. It not only has a far smaller cluster size than any other water tested, but shatters the cluster size of all water to which it is added! The inevitable result is Hugely improved cellular hydration with all the health benefits that brings.

Finally there is a water additive available that allows us to quench our thirst daily as though we were drinking from the purest Alpine streams.

Backed by Empirical Evidence, Clinical Studies, Conductivity Assessment, Molecular Cluster Size Analysis and clarified by Nobel Prize winning discoveries, we are very proud to offer you Plato H2O™.

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Plato H2O Core (water additive)

Plato H2O Core (water additive)

500 ml
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