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Proper hydration contributes to the maintenance of

  • normal physical function
  • normal cognitive functions
  • normal body temperature regulation

Plato H2O

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Cellular Hydration
Optimum cellular hydration is a crucial, primary health parameter.  For current research, please google "cellular hydration research".

What is Dehydration?
There are two distinct aspects to dehydration.

The first is the loss of blood volume, and may be brought about by a lack of electrolytes, particularly sodium.  If this occurs, the body responds by eliminating water as well, so as to maintain the electrolyte balance in the now reduced blood volume.

The second is the loss of tissue water and this type of dehydration divides again, into the loss of water outside the cells (extracellular) and water inside the cells (intracellular). 

It is possible to be dehydrated in any one of these areas.

Water Research
Eminent research scientist Professor Gerald Pollack, Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington has recently revealed in his lectures, and published papers that water does indeed possess crystalline, self organising properties.


His groundbreaking book, 'Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life' demonstrates that water inside the cell is in fact ordered, and that cell behaviour can only be properly understood if this is taken into account.

He shows that water will carry a charge and that as a crystalline matrix it is capable of holding information.

These findings are consistent with the scientific observations of Dr David Wheeler, who developed and patented the technology used to produce Plato H2O. Patent Number "(WO2007008328) APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MAKING TRANSFORMED WATER " and Patent Number 7,862,780 granted in 2011.

So What is Plato H2O?
Chemically, PlatoH2O is simply a very clean, low dissolved solids artesian water.

Physically however, Plato is rather more interesting.  According to nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, it appears to have a greatly reduced molecular cluster size when compared with ordinary tap water, which translates in layman's terms, to it being a 'wetter water' because fewer molecules cluster together.

plato_nmr_graph.jpgHorizontally this graph presents eight water samples for testing with NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance imaging).
Vertically, the above graph presents NMR Line Width in Hertz for each water sample. The lower the ‘Line Width’ the smaller the molecular cluster size.  You will see that the two Plato line widths are far below those of the other 6 samples.

PMW: PlatoH2O™ (made with External Forces Only)
AMW: Clean Water with 2 Tsps PlatoH2O™ Added per US Gallon
TW: Tap Water
EF1: Lesser Known Brand of Functional Water made/w External Forces Only
EF2: Well Known Patented Functional Water Brand made/w External Forces Only
CMW: Well Known Colloidal Mineral Water Brand added to Water
MW: Well Known Mineral Water Brand
EW: Well Known Electrolyte Water Brand

Interestingly, it may be seen (from 'AMW' in this chart) that water to which Plato is added in the approximate ratio of one cap full per 1.5 litres also demonstrates this increase in rotational spin, which is evidence of smaller molecular clusters.  And this is the ratio in which we suggest it is used.  

Simply mix one cap full of Plato into your day's drinking water (up to two litres) and drink as usual.

Another peculiar property attributed to Plato water by its inventor is its 'stored power', which is measured in milliwatts, and according to the 2003 studies by Fenestra Laboratories is hundreds of times higher than that of any other water tested.  Until recently, this observation would have been deemed impossible.  The research of Gerald Pollack above however, reveals it to be quite feasible.

Water science is in its infancy, and current legislation prevents us from making any health claims regarding this 'wetter water', so our official position must be that this is a rather expensive bottle of water and nothing more.

Please note however that our philosophy at Self Health Enterprises is 'Cleansing Hydration and Nutrition' and several years ago, we invested a great deal of time and money to make Plato and its sister product Plato Core avialable in the UK and Europe.

Finally, please see the  'Aura photographs' taken before and after drinking water to which Plato H2O had been added.  The following images are computerised interpretations of the electrical conductivity measured on acupuncture meridians on the hand on each of these three individuals.


Before After
Aura Photo 1 Aura Photo 1b
Aura Photo 2 Aura Photo 2a
Aura Photo 3 Aura Photo 3b

We would very much like to reveal further information, but this might be misconstrued as making health or medical claims by implication and that is not our intention.

Simply add one capful of Plato to a jug containing your day's drinking water (1.5 to 2 liters).
You may stir the water to mix it, but we suggest not using metal.
Then simply drink the water through the day.
You may prepare the water a day or more in advance.

Plato H2O

Plato H2O

500 ml
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