Shower Filter (SH-CQ )

Quick Overview

Shower Filter - You absorb more chlorine (bleach) into your body during a 10 minute shower than by drinking a gallon of unfiltered tap water!

  • Removes 98% of heavy metals in the water
  • Removes 95% of chlorine in shower water
  • Removes chemical substances in water
  • Stops bacterial growth by applying KDF filter
  • Restore your hair quality
  • Remove a major cause of dandruff
  • Regain supple, moist skin

Shower Filter (SH-CQ )

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Why do I need a shower filter?

Chlorine is a bleaching agent which bonds with and destroys the proteins in hair, skin and vital organs. It combines with other substances in the body to create known carcinogens.

Hair can become dry and sensitive skin itchy and irritated.

The vast majority of our daily exposure to harmful chlorine is through vapour inhalation and skin absorption when showering. 

The quality of our drinking water can be improved by filtering chlorine from the tap water, but this only addresses a fraction of the problem.  The Sh-Hi Shower Filter provides the solution to the larger part of the problem.

How It Works

Shower filter Cartridge

The Shower Filter uses a patented filtering media called KDF 55. This 'golden sand' is made of a special high-purity copper and zinc alloy. It effectively removes chlorine and other contaminants including iron, arsenic, mercury and hydrogen sulphide.  The filter also effectively controls several types of bacteria as well as algae and fungi.  The stainless steel mesh strainer helps filter out dirt and sediment.

The Shower Filter has 10 to 20 times the life and effectiveness of any carbon only filter. Unlike carbon filters, the SH-CQ Shower Filter works best in warm or hot water. Its long life performance is a breakthrough in shower water treatment technology. We recommend this shower filters be changed once a year.

SH-CQ Shower Filter Technical Information
Weight 590grms
Dimensions 8cm diameter x 10cm length
Filter Media KDF 55
Chlorine reduction 95%
Fluoride reduction 95%
Heavy metal reduction 98%
Housing Material ABS
Max. Water Pressure 100psi
Maximum Water Temperature 43 degrees C
Minimum water temperature 5 degrees C

Installation Instructions and Specification:
Please click on the image below to see the shower filter installation instructions.
The file will open in another tab.  Please be patient as it may take a minute to load.

N.B. The Chrome elbow connector tube, shown in the illustrations, is included in your shower filter order.

PDF of shower Filter techical information and installation

Shower Filter (SH-CQ )

Shower Filter (SH-CQ )

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