Chlorella TabletsChlorella benefits are extremely well studied and documented.  'Chlorella Vulgaris' and 'Chlorella Pyrenoidosa' are known to bond with a vast array of bio-toxins and shuttle them out of our bodies, largely via the bowel, thereby lessening the burden on the kidneys. 

Chlorella benefits both mothers and babies through its studied ability to dramatically lessen mercury and other heavy metals in the mother's breast milk.  This substantially reduces a new-born's exposure to environmental pollutants passed on from mother to baby.

Mercury crosses the placenta where it concentrates in the foetus.  There are increasing indications that chlorella benefits the unborn baby by lessening this hazard while providing broad spectrum nutritional support for mother and baby.

We suggest that Cilantro be taken only after safe removal of amalgam fillings, and should be started at just 2 drops in hot water and built up.  It is recommended this be taken in conjunction with Chlorella to bind the mobilised toxins.  It should not be taken while pregnant without expert, qualified advice.  Chlorella is one of the most studied therapeutic foods on the planet.  In practice, many patients report chlorella benefits their digestive function, lessens brain fog and provides a general sense of well being.

Studied Chlorella Benefits Include:

  • The ability to strengthen the body’s own ‘anti-oxidant system’ including elevating glutathione production.
  • Proven assistance in detoxification of multiple bio-toxins and neurotoxins including mercury and lead.
  • Its ability to help regulate blood pressure and fat metabolism, improving the functioning of the liver.
  • Immune strengthening properties leading to increased protection against infections caused by bacteria, virus and fungi.
  • Natural support of gastrointestinal function by cleansing the colon and bowel
  • Its beneficial effects on the eyes when there are tendencies towards macula-degeneration and cataracts
  • Support of healthy bone and tissue growth in children and supply of vital nutrients to bones, joints and muscles in adults.