Uva Ursi

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Uva-ursi has urinary antiseptic properties by virtue of a glycoside known as arbutin.  It may be helpful when:

  • suffering cystitis
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Irritable bladder

Uva Ursi

Article: 11016
Size: 500 mg / 100 Caps.

Uniquely, arbutin is absorbed by the body and broken down to hydroquinone and glucose. Hydroquinone is then excreted into the urine, where it exerts a direct antiseptic action in the kidneys and bladder. Since this action is stronger in alkaline urine a fruit we recommend a vegetable based diet if urinary tract infections are recurrent.

Uva Ursi's active constituents include Hydroquinone glycosides (including 8% arbutin, methyl-arbutin and ericolin), Iridoids, 6% tannins, flavonoids, allantoin, resin (ursone), volatile oil, ursolic, malic and gallic acids.  According to studies it :
has diuretic, astringent effects on lower digestive tract
is a urinary tract antiseptic
indicated for cystitis, urethritis, dysuria, pyelitis, lithuria

Arctostaphylos (Uva Ursi) has a marked antiseptic and astringent effect on the membranes of the urinary system, soothing, toning and strengthening them.

Traditionally it is particularly used where there is gravel or ulceration in the kidney or bladder.

It helps to reduce accumulations of uric acid in highly acid urine and with its high astringency it may be useful for some forms of enuresis and in diarrhoea.

Uva Urse is contraindicated during pregnancy due to its oxytocic properties.  The high tannin content may lead to nausea and vomiting if taken in large doses.

Only take for short periods (7 days) together with an alkaline diet for best reslults. Long-term use may produce toxic effects as large doses of hydroquinone are poisonous.

It may be sensible to avoid Uva Ursi if the Kidneys themselves are affected. Your urine colour may change - but this is to be expected.

Suggested Use:
Take 3 times daily at a dose recommended by your healthcare professional.

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Uva Ursi

Uva Ursi

500 mg / 100 Caps.
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