Quick Overview

The ZapGen is a programmable digital frequency generator from 1Hz - 999kHz

  • For zapping at precise frequencies
  • Premium quality electronics
  • Gold Plated hand holds
  • 50 frequency memory



Article: 11645

Registered in Europe as a class II medical device
ZapGen is a small, battery operated device which may be set precisely to deliver digital sine waves from 1 Hz to 999 kHz.  This makes it possible to target specific viruses, bacteria and molds according to their own frequencies according to Rife or Dr Clark - two experts who have elevated frequency medicine to an international standing.

This easily operated frequency generator is able to store up to 50 frequencies and deliver them with the single press of a button.

Additionally the device provides a 'wobble' setting to catch the minor frequency deviations of viruses, bacteria and parasites.  In practice it has been established that the wobble increases effectiveness, and a band of ±3% is sufficient.

Benefits of ZapGen:

  • Easy to programme and use
  • Frequency band: 1Hz to 999kHz may be set digitally
  • Frequency may be set to wobble ± 3%
  • Stores up to 50 frequencies in its memory
  • Voltage level may be set anywhere between 2% and 100%
  • Automatic switch off (according to your chosen setting) after 1-9 minutes
  • Visual display with sound for double confirmation
  • Continuous monitoring of battery voltage
  • 9V rectangular battery


  • ZAPGen (With 5 year Guarantee)
  • Cable and gold plated hand holds
  • High value, self test, 9 Volt Battery
  • Instruction manual
  • Durable black carry case with protection foam insert

People with pacemakers and pregnant women should not use this device!



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